Thirsty Thursday

I am so thirsty today!! I had a few off days where I wasn’t feeling well and food sounded miserable. I had an upset stomach for about 4 days and even water was hard to drink without gagging. No I’m not pregnant. I’m much better now and even made it to the gym today but it’s almost like my body is trying to soak up all the water I didn’t get earlier in the week. And the colder the better, of course.

Today I finally went to he gym after a few days off from working out, minus the 200 push-ups yesterday on my Instagram story ha. It felt great! On Tuesdays and Thursdays a group of girls and I take turns writing our own HIIT workouts and torture each other. Today was brutal!! I actually gave up quite a bit and I think from the dehydration I was seeing spots. My friend wrote todays and it was a good one!

1 minute each , 2 rounds

Round 1
-balancing bicep curls
-Bosu crunches

Round 2
-kettle bell swings
-Bosu Russian twists
-mountain climbers

Round 3
-tricep extentions
-plank up-downs

Round 4
-standing oblique crunch
-tire slams

50 push-ups
Pull-up/monkey bars
Donkey kicks, 3 sets
Hamstring curls, 3 sets

So needless to day that I’m feeling it already! And starving, of course. It’s my turn to write something up for Tuesday, let me know if you have any ideas for me! I’m going to go chug some water now. BYE!


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