Gimme Routine

Happy new year! I cannot believe it’s 2018! The possibilities are endless and so exciting. 365 days of newness, 356 days to try again, 365 days to start fresh. I’m not setting any resolutions exactly but I do have some goals or changes I’d like to set my sights on for this coming year. I think the main reason resolutions get a bad reputation and people don’t stick to them is because there’s so much pressure to start day 1 and stick to it, failing isn’t an option! It’s so unrealistic. The best way to make a big change is to start slow, day by day. Choose one thing to change that will steer you in the direction you’d like to go and as you instill that small change it will propel you to make another change and then another until before you know it you’ve reached that goal. And guess what? You’re not obligated to finish in 365 days, you are actually allowed to give yourself all the time you need. HA!

Anyway, moving on..

We’ve had the craziest two weeks. Eva has been out of school since December 20th and we’ve been non-stop every since. We’ve been so busy with visiting family and road trips, my bones actually hurt. I’m old, whatever. Pierre’s parents came to visit for two weeks so we spent a lot of time enjoying each other’s company. One day we drove 3 hours to visit Pierre’s grandparents and drove back that same night with 8 people in a minivan, 4 of those in carseats.

Christmas day was wonderful except that my son was so sick the whole day and, after opening presents, he laid on the couch until it was bedtime. He didn’t eat any of my delicious meal either! Rude. JK.

His stomach bug quickly passed to his twin sister just in time for a 4.5 hour road trip to visit my family later that week. The car ride took an extra hour and a half, ugh. But we had a great time in Sarasota celebrating my grandparent’s 60th wedding anniversary. My mom and sister threw this massive party, almost like a wedding reception, for my grandparents and we had family fly in from all over the states to celebrate with us. My sister practically tied me to a chair at Sephora and made me get my make-up done. I was super uncomfortable with the idea at first but I was seriously in awe by the end. I wish I could do my make-up as awesome as this girl did it. I loved being pampered for the day! We took family photos and I got to see family I hadn’t seen in may years and introduce them to my babies and husband, so wonderful.

We just got back two days ago and Pierre is already gone for works, 9 days straight this time. I was going to take the kids back to my mom’s house today through the weekend since Eva doesn’t start school until the 9th BUT now the littlest Fuller has the stomach bug. Seriously guys, I can’t. We’ve made it through worse though so I’m fairly certain we’ll be alive by the end of this one. It’s just frustrating.

I’m hoping a few day’s time we’ll all be back on our feet and normalcy will resume. I’m a major creature of habit and Eva back in school means we get back into ROUTINE. Ahh how I love that word. It is nice to break away here and there but man it’ll be nice to be back. Here’s to a new year full of routine!


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