Life Lately

Hi! Remember me? Man, it’s been a while… 5 months to be exact! How did that happen? Since I last posted A LOT has happened, lets get started.

WE BOUGHT A HOUSE. Yep, we’re homeowners now. It still seems surreal because it’s been a dream of mine since we got married 10 years ago to have a place to call mine. Many years of renting and packing and moving and new states and repeat are all finally over. For now. I mean, we’re so totally content and in awe of how God made this place possible for us but we also know it’s not our forever home. The kids will eventually outgrow the home and that’s okay, this is the perfect place for our lives right now. Pierre and I went on a quick weekend getaway without the kids and when we returned and walked into the house I got that warm, fuzzy Home Sweet Home feeling. I had been waiting for that moment almost all of my life it felt like and to finally experience it was just the best thing ever.

The house we bought is only 3 years old so there wasn’t much that needed tinkering but we did do a few things like paint a few rooms (me) and power wash the back patio (him). I don’t think it’s totally done or just how I want it but that’s okay, too, a little bit at a time works just fine for me. I think the next big thing I want to do is paint the main floor plan. I cannot stand the color on the walls, I don’t know if it’s orange, brown, taupe or a mix of all three to be honest, but it has to go. So far I’ve painted one of the bedrooms and an accent wall in the kitchen that used to be pokemyeyesout red and it’s now a nice cool grey. We did change some fixtures and bought tons of furniture, so far so good! We love it here.

Eva started KINDERGARTEN and I still tear up when I drop her off in the mornings. She originally got into a science and math charter school but after the move it was going to be a 30 mile commute each way and I had to say no way to that. They didn’t offer transportation either so it just wasn’t going to work out. Thankfully our new house is 3 miles from the neighborhood elementary school and it’s an A+ school. There is a bus but umm I’m crazy so she can’t ride it until she knows our address, phone numbers, license plate numbers, social security numbers and blood types so.. fat chance. Did I mention I’m insane? She loves her school, she love her teacher, she loves her friends, what more could her momma want?

Esme turned two and I’m so in denial that I’m considering strapping bricks to her head so she stops growing. Okay, not bricks.. maybe just a brick. Seriously though I can’t believe she’s two. She talks so much and she reasons with me and you can see her brain working when she’s putting sentences together and it’s beautiful. I know you’re not supposed to have favorite children but what can I say, the stage she’s in now is just awesome.

The twins are just as twinny as ever. But so very much girl and boy in their differences, Olivia professes her love and loyalty to her brother almost every day and Pierre just wants to be left alone and not kissed. They’re so sweet to watch when they’re not hitting, biting and kicking each other, its really really lovely. Just today Pierre was talking about how he was scared (spoiler: he’s afraid of literally everything. His shadow included) of flying jets immediately after declaring he would fly jets as a grown up, I don’t get it either, and Olivia said, “Don’t worry Pierre, I’ll grow up and take care of you! You don’t have to be afraid!” to which Pierre replied nothing. CRICKETS. I mean, how sweet is she? He’s a total male its crazy.

I’ve been doing great! Still at the gym almost every day, when I’m not forced to stay home because of a sick child, the twins had the flu three weeks ago and that was just awful. I’m loving the gym more and more every day, lifting on the floor more and trying new things. I’ve started trying the monkey bars and I’m not bad! I thought for sure I wouldn’t be able to hold myself up but I did almost the entire way. I still haven’t been able to get a pull up but it’s coming! Maybe I’ll post some before and after photos soon, I’ve been taking progress photos since last January so a year transformation post is on the horizon!

I hope you’ve had a awesome day and if it hasn’t been that awesome remember it’s not over until your head hits the pillow and you close your eyes. You still have time to do something that brings you happiness and joy!


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