Another Week

Sometimes they just run together. Weeks come and go, we follow our little routine and then I check the calendar and suddenly we’re almost halfway through JUNE. But this week has crawled by, I mean craaawwwled. I think because I’m anxiously awaiting next week to be here. Pierre is working from home for 5 whole days and that’s like Christmas for us! We miss him a whole lot and getting home for more then 2 consecutive days is so nice, especially for the kids.

This week has been so hard. Eva was sick over the weekend and passed it on to little Pierre and Esme. Pierre has barely eaten anything in two days and his fever comes and goes, too. Esme’s fever is teething related I’m pretty sure, she has two more incisors cutting through. Having sick kids and with this crazy rain we’ve been having makes for a serious case of cabin fever. It’s been pouring for 4 days straight so Florida is basically under water now. I think the cabin fever is getting to my head because I willingly cleaned our leather couch at 8am this morning. I don’t even know myself anymore.

I made turkey egg cups for the first time!

I haven’t eaten all that great this week either. My meals have been overall healthy but I’ve had more sugar than I normally eat. I made these delicious monster cookie bars with coconut oil instead of butter and with white sugar instead of brown sugar. Also, I didn’t have chocolate chips so we just added a bunch of sprinkles. If you saw my Instagram video about them then you know I’ve had those red white and blue M&Ms since last July! I bought them in hopes that they would help me bribe the twins with potty training and we still have a ton! It was a massive bag from BJ’s. Anyway, I only had one cookie square! I’m going to force feed my kids cookie bars through the weekend to save myself and they better like it.

We don’t have any weekend plans, mostly smothering daddy when he gets home and church on Sunday. I hope the rain stops long enough so we can take the kids to the beach. They’ve been begging to go since March when it warmed up but there’s no way I can take them alone during the week. What are your weekend plans?


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