Lazy Mom

I’m a lazy mom in today’s definition of what it means to be a mom, and honesty, I’m okay with that. We’re expected to have a perfectly clean home, beautifully dressed children, if it’s a girl she better have a bow the size of Montana on top of her head. We’re supposed to have time and skill to complete Pinterest crafts and make elaborate Pinterest meals, learning lessons every day, and somehow not look like disheveled messes ourselves. God forbid we don’t lose all of our baby weight the minute we give birth. How is this a realistic view of being a mother? I think women are too caught up in what they “should” be doing and what they “should” look like to just BE. BE the woman God created you to be. BE the mom God has been shaping you to be. Just be.

If we were all the same, did the same things, raised our kids the same way, there wouldn’t be any variety. There wouldn’t be any room for us to let our kids explore and choose their path. I preach to my oldest about making the right choices and how we have to listen to the way God is telling us to lead our lives, yet I still hold myself to the Pinterest standard most days. Classic “do as I say, not as I do” move.

Does anyone else beat themselves up for not taking the kids out every single day? Truth be told, I pray for rainy days so I don’t have to feel guilty for staying home. Just this morning I was planning a Target trip and when Eva said she didn’t want to go I was relived! She has frogs to catch in the backyard! She has an amazing imagination and Olivia is a close second, she already makes her food talk and pretends her spaghetti noodles are napping babies (wierdo).

For a while I felt pressure to get out of the house and take my kids to museums and aquariums and parks every day because I was being watched by other moms in my life. Moms with more experience than me, older moms, moms who are vocal about the whole “What are you doing today? Where are you taking the kids today?” question. Moms that just watch my every move. I didn’t ask them to watch me. For some reason because I have a lot of kids (again, by today’s standard, 1-2 kid American average) certain people are waiting to point and say “HA! I knew having so many kids would be a bad idea! Didn’t I tell you not to have more kids?”. Believe it or not, there are people in my life that would and have said a version of those things to me.

If allowing my kids to entertain themselves so that their imagination can grow is lazy, then I’ll take the title and wear it proudly. If allowing my kids to play outside and learn about nature by catching frogs and bugs is lazy then fine. I’m not going to force myself to follow an unrealistic standard and by default drive my kids crazy because their mother has lost it and is unhappy because she just can’t reach that unrealistic standard. That’s why they call it unrealistic. It’s not real. Follow your own path. Be your own definition of “mom”. Be the mom that follows her own standard. Be the joyful mom. Be the confident mom. Be the mom who follows the light.


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