Painting With Kids

Getting out of the house with 4 kids four years and younger is hard. Most days we stay home which means we have to get creative with out time. Painting crafts with little kids is one of those things that make my head spin and the thought of all the mess makes me sweat and gives me a headache. But every now and then I like to pretend I’m a cool mom and we bust out the paint and get dirty. I love Crayola Washable Kids’ Paint because it truly is washable! Wipes off clean from pretty much every surface. Here’s a few tips on how to paint with your kids while keeping your cool.

  • Tape down their painting surface (if you can). Taping will keep their paper from falling or moving so they get less messy.
  • Sit them in their high chair and stap them in! I tell the twins (2 year olds) that they cannot paint if they aren’t strapped in and they climb up willingly. Eva sits at a small table but is she starts getting too wiggly or not following the rules we stop and put everything away. Don’t back down.
  • Strip them down! Can’t worry about clothes getting messy if they aren’t wearing any.
  • Instead of paintbrushes get creative! Let them explore painting with things like q-tips, cotton balls and disposable foam make-up applicators! Sponges, plastic cups or toilet paper rolls. Heck, even with their fingers
  • Stay close by and give them a little bit of paint at a time. I find that this is a great color learning exercise if you have them choose the colors they want to use one at a time. Encourage them to tell you the color they want to use and correct them if they mess up. Mixing colors to make other colors is also a great lesson.

That’s it! This is a great activity for your kids to explore their creativity! Get to it and get into it. My kids love having fun and trying new things and I know first-hand that when I’m having fun with them they enjoy it even more. Go with their flow and I guarantee you will have fun, too!



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