Jacksonville Hands On Museum

Pierre came across a Groupon for the Jacksonville Hands On Museum just before we moved here and suggested it would be something fun to take Eva to. I bought the deal (admission for two for $7!) and forgot about it. Pierre reminded me about it last night so we took a field trip today. It was so fun! The kids did not know what to do with themselves when we got there. They were just screaming things and running from one station to another, not sure what to play with first. untitled-10

This vet office station was her dream come true!


Writing letters!
Puppet theater.


Space station simulator. 

It’s fun getting to know my kids’ personalities outside of the house. I do feel slight “mom guilt” sometimes because we don’t get out very much. It’s very hard getting out with so many little kids and most of the time I need a second adult with me, today my mother-in-law helped. It’s been getting slightly easier as they get older, especially with the twins, but I do get anxiety going out every now and then. I’m working on that by pushing myself outside of my comfort zone a little more every day.


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