Put Your Phone Down

I can’t tell you how many times my 3 year old has asked me that question. I’m embarrassed to admit I’m one of those moms who has phone with her at all times, I feel naked without it. It’s so toxic, isn’t it?

There are days when I wish I was anywhere else and I need to live vicariously through my social media friends and their vacations. I’ve gone days without talking to another adult (other than my husband over FaceTime) and I need human connection so Facebook provides an outlet. There are times where I’m so hell-bent on buying myself a new shirt that I spend all day online shopping for something I’ll never buy.

All the while my kids are running around the house making a mess and yelling for my attention. Kids are smart. They know when you’re preoccupied or when your’e on an important phone call because that’s when they make the most noise and seem more needy. It’s not to say we should discipline our kids to behave and wait their turn when something pressing is the priority in that moment, but if it’s not important than put the phone down. Teach them their ABC’s, a new nursery rhyme, go for a walk if the weather cooperates. Get crazy and give your 20 month old twins crayons for the first time and then chase them around the house when they try to eat them and they take off in different directions and they won’t give them back. No? Just me then..

I’m terrible at this and I’m going to be better at, I think writing it down makes me feel like I can detox from the phone and be more present. The days are long but the months are short. It might feel like an eternity today but my firstborn is almost 4, my newborn is over 2 months old. Time is ticking and I don’t want my kids to think they’re not as important as my phone.

My husband travels every week for work, he’s usually gone Monday-Thursday/Friday. Between nap time and early bedtimes our kids don’t get more than a few hours with their dad every week. It’s important for them to know our family is the priority and not the phone. BUT they know when he’s gone and my phone’s special ringtone goes off they know they get to see their daddy. Their eyes light up and they start screaming for his face to show up on the screen. Believe me, I know how hard it is to not be your phone as a SAHM. Technology isn’t bad but I feel like our society, and I definitely participate in that, has taken it to an unhealthy level and it creates an addiction of sorts.

I’m going to focus  more on my kids and less on my phone. I will kick this addiction to the curb, join me? Find the Light in you’re child’s eyes today.


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