Being a Mom is Hard


Sorry for yelling. I never knew how hard it would be until I was staring down the barrel of laundry, preparing healthy meals, trying to discipline rowdy toddlers and the “threenager” years. Not only do you have to meet of every need your child has but you also have tend to your needs and your spouse’s, too! Then there’s fights among siblings to break up, sticky floors to mop, newborns to nurse and a traveling husband to FaceTime.

I don’t know if you’re anything like me but I set standards way too high. For myself and others, it’s a huge character flaw I’m trying to work through. Some days I feel like everyone should be responsible for their own feelings yet I find myself taking on the challenge for them. I get so beat up because I’m trying to do everything just right so no one thinks less of me or so I can portray that I have it all together and I just don’t. I’m like every other mom, I don’t want to be judged for parenting the wrong way. But guess what? Everyone is trying to do the best they can and no one is looking at you. We’re all too busy looking at ourselves.

Did anyone get that How To Be A Perfect Parent handbook? Yeah, didn’t think so. I need to let go, let my kids develop their own character and their own personalities. I need to stop yelling reprimanding them so much, let them try to break up their own fights over a stuffed animal. I need to let the little things go. Laundry can wait another day, we’ll skip over the sticky spot on the kitchen floor for one more day. What can’t wait is having joy, showing love, practicing kindness.

Galations 5 is clear on how we should act. The fruits of the spirit aren’t something I can muster up, believe me I’ve tried and failed miserably. They’re the fruit of HIS spirit. We exude them when we have Him tucked into our hearts and minds. I urge you, and myself, to open your Bible today, seek His face. Getting right with God is number one, everything else will fall into place.

I am terrible at this because I use the busy excuse. I’m too busy to open my Bible. I’m too tired to wake up before the kids and have quite time. I’m checking social media (this is big one for me). But without God in the center I crumble. You’d think I’d learned my lesson by now, it’s a pattern I’ve seen over and over many times in my life. Maybe in your life, too? We were designed to have a relationship with Him. He sent His only son to die in place of us. With all the tragedy happening all over the world, the time is now. Stand firm in the Lord, everything else will follow. He will give you rest.


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