Finding The Light

This blog comes from a very deep place in my heart. I felt prompted to start this page after a day of sadness and worry. Sometimes, especially as a stay at home mom, I feel like the days run together and we’re just trying to make it to nap time or lunch time or bed time (8PM and not a minute later)! There are days where I don’t have a minute to just stop and appreciate the light in my life that comes from God. And after talking for many hours with my closest friends about my feelings (where I mostly vented and was feeling sorry for myself, womp womp) I realized that maybe I’m not alone.

Maybe there are other moms feeling this way, too. I can’t be the only one can I? When times are tough and stress is taking a toll on relationships with our husbands and our kids, I can’t be the only one who feels helpless, can I? Am I the only one who feels like being a good homemaker is great and all but what about the ‘other stuff’? If I were to go out and look for a job this very moment I’d have nothing to put on my resume. Or at least that’s how I feel. Anyone else feel like they become MOM and everything else fades away? Who was I before I was a mom? Who will I be when my kids grow up and go to school?

It’s easy to look at being a mom that way when you don’t have any other outlets. I know this is the part where women agree that being a mom gets lonely. But does it have to be? Being a mom brings me so much happiness. The looks on my kids’ faces when I do something funny or sooth them until they are so completely content, nothing can replace that. So why do we look as this ‘mom thing’ so negatively?

Another friend shared a devotional with me this morning about how every woman has a cup and we need it to be filled. Filled with joy, happiness, purpose. Are we seeking those things in the wrong place? Are we putting too much pressure on ourselves and failing once again? We’re only human, the earthly people we put our hope in are only human. We make mistakes, we try again. But you know who doesn’t make mistakes? God. He’s perfect from beginning to end and that’s what we cling to. That’s what we need to seek. It’s not easy and it’s not in our nature to do it so willingly. But it is possible. And if God can prompt me to create this page to help others find the light after feeling so knocked down then He can do anything to help you find the light, too.


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